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ACS Accounting has been in operation since 1999. We offer a holistic service to our clients, looking at structures, estates, legal, tax, and financial wellbeing of our client groups, to ensure that our mission of wealth creation and asset protection is achieved.

From standard bookkeeping to strategic tax planning, ACS Accounting offers comprehensive accounting and business solutions. Take the stress out of your business compliance and financial management by partnering with our qualified and experienced team, who will assist you with accurate and timely financials and ensure seamless compliance with all the relevant legislation.

Whilst we specialize in accounting and tax for agriculture, ACS Accounting has numerous clients from various other industries, including the Advertising, Recruitment, Medical, Electrical, Retail, and Manufacturing industries.

One of the main advantages of working with ACS Accounting is that each of our clients has access to their own qualified, high-level accountant and client manager. We work hand in hand with the other ACS Three Sixty divisions to offer an integrated business service and this overlapping allows us to achieve true wealth creation and protection for our clients. Alongside strategic consulting and accounting, we deliver the practical services required to achieve each clients’ unique goals.

Further benefits of outsourcing your business’s accounting include lower employee costs, increased time to focus on your core business, access to expert advice and increased resources, as well as avoidance of non-compliance penalties. Whether your business struggles with compliance complexities, SARS requirements, or timeous financial submissions, ACS Accounting is ready to assist with all your accounting needs.



Our standard bookkeeping services include VAT returns and reviews, as well as the resolution of SARS VAT queries and disputes. We utilise software such as Webaccounting, Xero, Pastel, and Tartan to process all source documents and provide management accounts for clients to measure their business performance. At ACS Accounting, we believe in utilising the skills of highly qualified and experienced personnel to produce timely and accurate monthly accounts.

Accounting & Financial Statements

We specialise in the preparation of financial statements, management accounts, and group consolidated reports, supported by working papers, that are prepared for use by the client, banks, and SARS

income tax & other tax

ACS Accounting assists taxpayers in preparing and submitting income tax returns and assessments, provisional tax returns, and IT14SD (verification audits) submissions. Our team also offer credible advice and assistance on dividends tax and donations tax, as well as tax audits and reviews.

Tax planning

Our specialist team of tax professionals, lawyers, and chartered accountants will ensure that all allowable tax advantages are utilised, and non-compliance penalties are avoided.

Legal services

We offer a wide range of legal services to address our clients’ legal needs, such as:

  • Commercial agreements, including leases, loans, Section 42 agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership, and joint venture agreements.
  • We also have immediate access to Shelf Companies.

secretarial services

Our secretarial services are designed to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations. Services we provide include:

  • Company name reservations and registrations of companies
  • Submission and completion of all statutory documents required by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)
  • Completion of annual returns
  • Formation of family and business trusts, maintenance of trust secretarial records, review and amendments to trusts

Estate Planning

Estate planning is crucial to ensuring that your wealth lives on for future generations. Our comprehensive estate planning services are intrinsically linked to our ACS 360 holistic planning process, and includes the drafting of wills, administration of estates, as well as the liquidity calculation of the estate.


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